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SPM 2020 Askathon

SPM Askathon is back, better

26th Feb (Friday) - 27th Feb (Saturday) 2021
9PM - 10PM both days

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Why Askathon works?

Personalised Learning

Students get the questions they do not understand explained instantly by expert teachers!

Platform to help SPM 2020 students

Help with the SPM exam preparation of >1000 students in one go, online!

Final Preparation

See what others are asking, and learn together!

Help thousands of SPM students prepare for SPM 2020 with your teaching expertise!
Devote your time into improving SPM students' mastery of the subject, and prepare them for exams!

Why join Askathon as a teacher?

  • Boost your online presence as a teacher/educator
  • Help struggling SPM students for their SPM 2020 preparation
  • Improve on your online teaching presentation
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Get your questions answered instantly by expert teachers
Have a question for SPM? Ask on the Board forum during the Askathon and you will get answered in < 10 minutes! Or you can start asking on Board right away now!

Why join Askathon as a student?

  • Final preparation for SPM 2020
  • Revise with questions from your peers
  • Get personalised answers from expert teachers
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Our pool of expert teachers will answer your questions!
Yes you can! However, your questions be answered at a slower rate.
No you don't! All you have to do is to show up during the Askathon (11th Feb (Thursday) - 14th Feb (Sunday) 2021) and ask questions on our forum!

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