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Calculate the rate of change of radius of the water surface at the instant when the height of the water level is 9.6cm

What is the frictional force acting on the trolley and his friend if the tension of the rope, T is 400 N?

What is the perimeter of the board?

Six members of a committee of a school are to be selected from 6 male teachers, 4 female teachers and a male principal. Find the number of different committees that can be formed if

What is the maximum volume of acid that can be added to aqueous sodium thiosulfate?

What is the total volume of gas collected at the end of the reaction?

What is the concentration of acid required to react completely?

Math Bearing

Find the bearing of M from K.

Add Math Vectors

Given mi + 4/5j is unit vector for ki + 8j , find the possible values of m and k.

Calculate the area of the shaded region

Which of the structural formula of compound J?

Physics Waves

When wind is blown against the surface of the rotating disc, a sound is produced. If the speed of rotation is increased, the sound wave produced will have...?

Math Matrices

Calculate the values of x and of y by using matrix method.