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Which diagram shows a mixture of noble gases?

A car travels at a constant speed and travels a distance of 146.2 m. It takes 7 seconds. Calculate the upper bound for the speed of the car.

Find the highest common factor (HCF) of 90 and 48.

What is the mass of oxygen in 72g of pure water?

IGCSE Math Circles

Total perimeter of a semicircle is 19.02cm. Calculate the radius of the semicircle

Which block shows the greatest rise in temperature?

Explain why the speed limit must be imposed on heavy vehicles.

What is the function of the structure labelled Q?

The input power to a lamp is 6W. The lamp wastes 2.7J of energy in 3s. What is the efficiency of the lamp?

What are the likely readings on the spring balances after three days?

Solve log4(3y^2 - 10) = 2log4(y-1) + 1/2

Why are gamma rays used to detect leaks in pipes?

The sound waves from the train can be heard loudly and clearly at night. The distance of the sound waves are further apart at the top than at the ground level.