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Reward Points/Coins

You can redeem coins at the Store with your reward points! Stay tuned for more redemption options!
You can purchase educational resources(Past Papers, Notes, Topical Past Papers) and more with your coins! Stay tuned as we bring more amazing deals to reward you for studying with us!
Unfornately, we do not offer coins directly to our learners! However, we reward Reward Points to our learners, which can be used to claim coins!
Log in everyday and you will be rewarded with Reward Points! * Go on a streak to earn more! You may also earn reward points by answering bountied questions(questions with point offerring) or contributing quality questions/amswers(our moderators are in a hunt for them)
Although it is currently not possible, we are working to ensure that the hardworkers and contributors are taken care of(which includes payments in cash)!
We do not encourage the purchase of resources directly from our website. Instead, we try our best to incorporate the best learning experience to our learners by actively engaging in the forum and accessing our resources! That being said, if you wish to accelerate your learning, you may opt to purchase coins directly from the store with cash(currently unavailable)
Reward points is a way we reward you learners from learning with us! Coins is used as a means of purchase on Board! You can choose to convert your RP to coins at the store too!

Question & Answer Platform

There are a team of mentors waiting to answer your questions! Besides, the community is always there to help you!
If there is a Reward Point bounty on the question, you will receive the Reward Points if your answer is the first to be accepted by the question asker! Our team of moderators are also always on the hunt for quality questions/answers, therefore if your question/answer gets recommended by our moderators, you will also receive additional Reward Points!
Our moderators are always in the works! All the answers will be corrected and rectified if there is any mistake to the answers.


Not at the moment! However, you may purchase coins with cash and buy resources with coins in the next coming updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for assistance.
Yes! All your purchases on resources will be one-time and you will still be able to access the resources in the event that it is updated.


To switch account, existing account must be cancelled and deleted.