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Why Board Classrooom works?

Personalised Learning

Students learn at their own pace with the guidance of teacher in Board's virtual classroom!

Tools to empower teacher

From study materials to administrative helper tools, teachers need not worry about anything besides teaching.

Child monitoring

Teachers and parents can share child's learning insights to help the child improve academically together!

Spend more time improving lesson quality, not on adminstrative tasks
Devote your time into improving your students' mastery of the subject, and prepare them for exams!
  • Exam Builder
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
Teachers, start here
Review lesson materials anytime, anywhere
Study anywhere with your teacher, anytime.
Students, start here
Receive updates from teachers on your child's academic progress
Keep up with the updates from teacher about your child in class.
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Check out Board Classroom's awesomeness!

Automated Reporting

Leave what you need to report to parents to us and focus on delivering the next lessons!

Invoice Tracking

No need for excel sheets to collect your fees!

Student Analytics

Keep a close eye on your students' learning progress!

Homework marking

Manage your marking in one place!

Ready-made resources

Leverage on our study materials to enhance your teaching!


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