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A new era of learning, made for the next generation

When an individual learns, the whole society benefits.
Your knowledge can go so much further than yourself!

Our Journey

About a year ago, we started Board as a side project to help our community to get help more easily.
A lot has changed since then, but our core mission has not.

Introducing Board

A community of learners

Board is an online learning marketplace, where we create a community to learn together, with close to nothing!
Instead, you get and you give by answering questions and getting yours answered!.

All about Board

Is Board for me?

Board is created with the following 5 elements in mind:


Board is a learner’s sanctuary - no judgement, no competition and all fun.


Have a question? Want to help with answering other's questions? Board is the right place for you.


Accessing quality resources on Board helps you ace in exams.


Though learning is already a rewarding experience, you will get rewarded learning on Board.


Be connected with experts from a diverse range of industries.

Our Team

The people behind Board


Business Lead
Andy is the founder of Ascension Education, he has been teaching for years and are very experienced in all aspects of the syllabus, from answering techniques to revision techniques. He is the star teacher of Ascension as he is very welcomed among the students for his empowering character and energy.

Lee Hong

Resources Lead
Lee Hong
Lee Hong is one of the founding partners of Ascension, he was a First Class Masters graduate of mechanical engineering in University of Nottingham. Ever since graduating from UK, Lee Hong has been putting in all his efforts and strength to pursue education as he has the passion of making education a fun aspect for everyone!


Product Lead
Preston is a Computer Science Student at Monash University Malaysia who enjoys coding. Preston is keen to integrate technology into education and making online learning accessible and easy to use, which led him to develop Board.


Marketing Lead
Joshua is a Nottingham University Malaysia scholar studying Chemical Engineering. During his free time, he loves bodybuilding and devoting his time to be a better version of himself every day.

Want to be part of a community of passionate students and teachers?